Collapsible Housing Units are a versatile product designed to provide rapidly deployable modular structures. These units can be combined in unlimited configurations to suit a variety of requirements including modular housing, offices, command centers, medical facilities, and more. From the placement of doors, windows, and walls, to multi-story complexes, the modular design allows for full customization.


  • When not in use, four units can be folded up to fit in the same physical space as a standard shipping container, and up to Eight collapsed units can fit on a standard flatbed truck to maximize your freight costs.
  • Plumbing & electrical can be installed as required.
  • Casement windows equipped with a steel shutter system that can be closed for shade or protection in the event of severe weather are standard on all foldup units.
  • Wall and ceiling systems are insulated to R21 for efficient cooling operation.
  • Optional Kitchen module consists of a stove, oven, 19.0 cf refrigerator, and stacked washer and dryer.
  • Once constructed and properly anchored, units are rated to withstand 140 MPH force winds.