When disaster strikes you can rely on Stewart’s Mobile to provide you with the temporary bunk houses to meet the needs of your personnel to ensure that they have the proper shelter that enables them to perform their jobs to the best of their ability in these challenging situations.
Containerized housing units provide comfortable shelter for up to four occupants in two separate rooms. Each room contains an independent climate control system, two beds, two secure storage lockers, shelving, lighting, plenty of outlets, and a desk.
Units can be positioned on the ground or left on the chassis for added flexibility. These units are ideal for military exercises, special events or disaster relief operations.


  • Rooms : 2
  • Beds : 4 (2 per room)
  • Lockers : 4
  • Desks : 2
  • Weight : 8,000 lbs.
  • Footprint : 8’x20′
  • Power : 50A 220V Plug
  • HVAC : 2 Independently Controlled 3/4-Ton units
  • ISO Certified for rapid worldwide deployment and are transportable by truck, rail, ship, helicopter, or cargo plane.
  • Heavy duty steel construction and rugged design enable units to withstand Category 5 winds of 155 mph with proper anchoring.


Collapsible Housing Units are a versatile product designed to provide rapidly deployable modular structures. These units can be combined in unlimited configurations to suit a variety of requirements including modular housing, offices, command centers, medical facilities, and more. From the placement of doors, windows, and walls, to multi-story complexes, the modular design allows for full customization.


  • When not in use, four units can be folded up to fit in the same physical space as a standard shipping container, and up to Eight collapsed units can fit on a standard flatbed truck to maximize your freight costs.
  • Plumbing & electrical can be installed as required.
  • Casement windows equipped with a steel shutter system that can be closed for shade or protection in the event of severe weather are standard on all foldup units.
  • Wall and ceiling systems are insulated to R21 for efficient cooling operation.
  • Optional Kitchen module consists of a stove, oven, 19.0 cf refrigerator, and stacked washer and dryer.
  • Once constructed and properly anchored, units are rated to withstand 140 MPH force winds.