5 Events Ideal for Renting a Mobile Kitchen Trailer
5 Events Ideal for Renting a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

While planning any event, one of the most important components to account for is the food you will serve to attendees. Everyone needs to eat and determining how exactly you’ll facilitate this process will be a deciding factor in your event’s success. Hungry fans, spectators, or business partners rarely make agreeable guests, and you’ll want to avoid food-related frustration at any cost. That’s where a mobile kitchen rental comes in. 

A mobile kitchen trailer is a customizable portable kitchen that can be used to carry kitchen equipment and set a chef, staff, and preparation onsite whenever needed. Renting a Mobile Kitchen Trailer is the most convenient and easiest business option for existing food services and restaurants if they have to prepare meals in a given area for an enormous amount of people away from their established kitchen.

The use applications of a mobile kitchen trailer are numerous but here are 5 specific Events ideal for renting a mobile kitchen trailer. If you have such an upcoming event organized, check out our trailer recommendations to find the best trailers according to your needs.

5 Events Ideal for renting a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

  • Large Outdoor Events
  • Emergency Response
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Major Sporting events
  • Concerts

Emergency Response

Events Ideal for Renting a Mobile Kitchen

One of the most common reasons why mobile kitchen trailers are rented is in response to natural calamities such as hurricanes, flooding, and fires. During disasters, the availability of clean and fresh food goes low, leading to problems such as starvation, dehydration, homelessness, and diseases.

Government can hire or rent kitchen trailers to provide freshly served food and supply water to such places in situations of distress. Food trailers can also be used to supply medicines and essential drugs to people with injuries, lifestyle diseases, etc.

Kitchen Renovations

Do you want to keep up with your regular food services but can’t because you’re having a renovation at your facility, then renting a mobile kitchen trailer is what’s ideal for you.

Residential, Commercial, and even Military kitchen facilities undergo renovations quite often and they rely on mobile kitchens to manage the demands of their temporary facilities.

Hospitals that need to feed patients during kitchen renovations can rent a mobile kitchen trailer as well.

The trailers come in different sizes and price ranges, you can rent one that fits well in your budget and keep it as long as your renovation is scheduled.

Large Outdoor Events

Large outdoor events such as concerts, nightclubs, etc, require enormous amounts of food supplies, renting a mobile kitchen trailer is an ideal option if you’re organizing such an event.

Most outdoor parties and events require onsite cooking facilities and kitchen trailers can help you set it up with relative ease. The size of the kitchen trailer you use will depend on the size of the audience you are serving. When you’re hosting hundreds and even thousands of guests within a wedding reception using trailers can be incredibly helpful.

The portability and convenience of a trailer make it much more convenient for massive outdoor events than a stable cooking site.

Major Sports Events

The NFL, MLB, and NBA are some of the major sports leagues that take place here in the U.S., these events receive thousands of spectators on a daily basis. With more fans and staff comes more requirements for concession stands and food services and a mobile kitchen trailer is a perfect solution.

Having a mobile kitchen trailer provides you with huge mobility, space, and convenience with high-tech kitchen facilities. It’s easily expandable to meet your needs. Adjustments can be made as your needs change.

A portable kitchen trailer has a variety of items in it that can be customized to fulfill your needs, refrigerators to store beverages and perishable food items, multi-burner stoves, grilling equipment, air conditioning, etc.

Clubs and teams can also hire mobile kitchens to provide their players and staff with fresh and healthy pregame and post-game meals.


Concerts and music tours are the perfect breeding grounds for a portable kitchen trailer. The plethora of staff needed to run the day-to-day operations of these events is tremendous. Having a well-fed staff lets your hires work at optimum efficiency.

You can hire a mobile kitchen trailer for a day and place your store nearby the concert area and maximize your sale. Many concerts require dining facilities and hire portable kitchens for such purposes

If you are a local food-based business you can contact the organizers and make them hire you for food services.

Our Recommendations

If you’re trying to rent out a food trailer here are a few recommendations we have for you, these recommendations are varied according to your individual preferences and the size of your serving audience.